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This application is designed for trading on Forex market and analysis of financial instruments via smartphones and tablets.

Mobile trader is very similar to trading platform 4 for PC by its functionality. This mobile application supports most PC terminal’s features (all trading functions, execution modes, aswell as powerful technical analysis) except for the algorithmic trading functions as there seems to be not much call for these functions on Mobile platform yet.

The application works on all listed smartphones and media players. The application runs in compatibility mode on tablet when the image is stretched on a larger screen. The terminal is connected to trading platform trade servers using a trader’s account. The application can work both with real and demo accounts.

Similar to the PC terminal, users can open demo accounts right in Trader Mobile. The total number of accounts managed by the terminal is unlimited.

The quotes for all available symbols are received in real time.

Take MT4 with you wherever you go. Download the MT4 iOS app to trade on your iPhone and iPad or download MT4 for Android.

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