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Trading Rules


Spot Gold

Contract Size:
Contract Size Account Funds Minimum Lot Per Trade
100,000USD 2000 to USD 50000.1/1.0
100,000USD 5,001 to USD 100,0001.0

* For USD 100,000 and above, kindly contact us.

* Our system will automatically upgrade a trading account to a higher leverage if its amount of equity reaches the next level of our requirements above after any additional deposit. This leverage upgrade cannot be downgraded.

* Once your trading account has been upgraded, you can only liquidate your existing open positions as you are not allowed to hedge these positions anymore.

Trading Name: Over The Counter - 'OTC'
Trading Support: Internet Trading Platform.
Trading Hour (GMT+7): 24 Hours (Monday 6.30 to Saturday 3.00) depending on the counters.
Commission Charges: $30
Initial A/C Opening Deposited: USD 50
Margin Requirement to Open Position: USD 1000/lot
Dealing Spread: Starts from USD 50/lot in normal market
Maintenance Margin: Day Trade - Equity above 30%
Auto Cut Mechanism: Below 30% of necessary margin, system will auto close all open positions.
Additional Margin Time (GMT+7): From 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM Monday to Friday.
Swap: Up to USD$6.00/Lot/Day depending on the products.
Order Structure Stop Loss & Take Profit: Putting 15 pip apart from the current price for all products.
Limit/Pending Orders: Only valid for one week. They will be removed on every weekend.
Deposit/Withdrawal Funds: All bank charges incurred will be bear by the customers.

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