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Frequently Asked Questions

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Askap Gold Investment is a leader of online foreign exchange (forex) trading services, offering margin forex and indices trading to individuals and institutional clients worldwide. We provide premier multi-bank liquidity feeds, fast execution speeds and flexible leverage options, marking us a unique industry leader.

How to register?

To register you have to go to Register page and fill all required information to complete registeration or open new account.

How to login?

You have to go to Login page then enter your email and password to login.

How can I contact you?

To contact us, please click here.

How can I deposit?

To deposit, you can come to our office directly if you are in Phnom Penh City; click here if you are not.  

How can play?

How can I have multiple account?

What are the different between Binary Options and Sport Trading?

The different between Binary Options and Spot Trading:
• Binary options: 
+ traders can earn profit within 30s
+ easy to learn and no need experiences 
+ easy and understandable as Call or Put 
+ earn large amounts of money in very short period of time
+ traders know the maximum profit and the loss in advance

• Forex trading:
+ you have the chance to control the risk by placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders
+ more strategies and custom indicators
+ there is no Expiry Time and you can exit the market whenever you want
+ profit and loss value is dependent on pips distance
+ you have a control and you can handle the situation

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